The Difference Limited & Main Registration

Limited Registration

Limited or “Pet Only” As It’s Otherwise Known Means That You’ve Purchased a Dog That SHOULD NOT Be Bred Or Shown. There Could Be Any Or No Reason For This, Apart From At The Point Of Sale Ivy & Kage Bulldogs Chose To Sell This/ Any Particular Dog Without Breeding Or Showing Rights.

The Difference In Price Is Thousands, There Are De Sexing Agreements In Place. Ivy & Kage Bulldogs Will Also Reserve The Right To Sterilize Any/All Puppies Prior To Their Departure. All With Full Disclosure To The Buyer.

Limited Can Be Upgraded To Main Registration, Provided We Agree That Said Dog Is Showing/ Breeding Quality. At That Point The Appropriate Application Will Be Made By Ivy & Kage Bulldogs To The Master Dog Breeders & Associated (MDBA) To Upgrade The Pedigree.

Main Registration

Main Registration Or “Mains” As It’s Otherwise Known, Means That You’ve Purchased a Dog That CAN Be Bred Or Shown.

The Buyer Is Able To Commence Or Continue Their Breeding / Showing Passion Legally & Ethically.

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