A Little About Us

We’re a small boutique breeder, based in beautiful Ipswich. We, like everyone else, fell in love with French Bulldogs. From their quirky characters to their loving nature and of course those bat ears! Our matriarch, Ivy is our nominated leader of this pack (and boy oh boy, she knows it!). She comes from truly stunning stock, her sire being the legendary CRONOS!

Our babies are bred for structure and temperament. First & Foremost.
We LOVE this breed, and ultimately want to do our part in preserving it as much as possible.

All of our babies will be raised in our home, with our children and other dogs. They’re allowed to roam freely, forage, goof around, play and come on family outings.

Before, you consider a French Bulldog, please check your finances, buying the puppy is one thing, feeding it the very best food, access to excellent Vet care, and providing the life they deserve is another. And trust me when I say, they’re a labor of love!

French Bulldogs are literally the larrikins of the Dog World. They’re immensely affectionate, extremely intelligent & very stubborn. But LOVE to have fun! and have fun with YOU!

Always up for a snuggle on the couch or a great adventure outdoors. An outstanding companion dog or family pet. This breed is all about wanting to please YOU, their human, their world, their love at first sight.

So please, do your homework, ask as many questions that come to mind, but be real too. Can your lifestyle adjust to having time for a million pats, snuggles, training, enrichment, 1:1 time, vet care, and education around a balanced diet? If not, that’s ok. Perhaps a cat instead?

Thank you for joining us on our journey, we promise to keep the pics coming.

What People Say

Very grateful to these lovely people who have given me my beautiful baby Luna. Kylie has been helpful every step of the way, answering any questions that i had and even going above and beyond to giving me tips to help luna transition into her new home. Ivy&Kage bulldogs is more than just a breeder, they are a support system and a community of people that truly love their French bulldogs ❤

Jordan, Brisbane

If you are looking for a French Bulldog then I highly recommend Ivy & Kage Bulldogs. Right from the very beginning, Ivy & Kage Bulldogs create a safe, loving, and supportive environment for all their French Bulldogs to grow. This environment shows how loved, cared for, looked after, and adored they are!! Kylie is more than a breeder for her dogs!! She is their safe place and their comfort. Kylie knows about French Bulldogs, their needs, and their wants and caters to this brilliantly! Right from the get-go, Kylie provided my partner and me with so much information about how to care for a French Bulldog and what we need to know to help them flourish!! Needless to say, the amazing puppy pack (with an information booklet) we were given to help our French Bulldog transition to his new home was amazing!!! It is so evident how much love Ivy & Kage Bulldogs have for their dogs. When we took our little Sushi home he was calm and transitioned so well to his new home! Yes, that means he slept through the night straight away!!!! Ivy & Kage Bulldogs gave us the perfect little addition to our family and we’re forever grateful for our French Bulldog! If you are looking for a French Bulldog, Ivy & Kage Bulldogs are the pick!!!

Amy, Gold Coast

Anyone looking to buy a French bulldog pup, you have come to the right place. Right from the first message enquiring about the pup that stole our son’s heart (Baby Ford), Kylie shared with us so much knowledge about the pup, the breed, and her passion for these beautiful animals. Kylie face-timed us so we could see both her and the pup in her home. It was reassuring to see, and the next week we met so our son could meet his fur baby. The hard part was the long wait until Stan was old enough to come home. Kylie kept us up to date with his progress, weight, first bath, vet visit, new foods and so much more. In the meantime, I fell in love with little Gigi, (who is Stan’s twin sister) and my husband arranged for us to bring her home too. 🥰. One week later we picked up our babies. Kylie supplied us with an awesome puppy pack with everything you need for a great start at home, even some beautiful custom-made items. As first-time Frenchie owners, we had quite a few questions as we transitioned our babies to their forever homes. Kylie was quick to answer questions and offer advice which made it so much easier to have that support. Stan and Gigi settled in quickly sleeping through the night and were partially toilet trained. Kylie offers lifetime support for her babies and families, showing her dedication and passion for these amazing little dogs. They even spent time back home with Mumma Ivy & Kylie when we had a family holiday, which we were very appreciative of. We can’t recommend Ivy and Kage Bulldogs highly enough and are so grateful for our fur babies.

Jane, Toowoomba

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